These Methods Can Avoid Cellphone Radiation

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It is important to note that your cellphone manual warns about keeping the device a certain distance from your body to avoid exceeding federal radio frequency exposure limits.

People typically keep their phones close to their bodies, usually in a pocket, in the real world.

It is vitally important for women to avoid placing their mobile phones in their bras, as it may increase their chance of developing breast cancer or heart disease, their two top causes of mortality.

It’s also worth noting that, despite every cellphone manufacturer providing safe use information, it would be difficult to find someone who has been able to locate the message on their phone without detailed instructions on where to find it.

It is beyond question that RF exposure from cell phones and other wireless devices is a significant hazard to your health, damaging your DNA and contributing to chronic disease and premature aging.

You should address this if you care about your health and your family.

Consider taking the following methods to safeguard yourself and your household from cellphone radiation and other harmful electromagnetic fields:

Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body

It’s best to keep your phone out of reach when you sleep unless you put it in airplane mode. Even when in airplane mode, the device may emit signals.

Use the Speakerphone

Hold your cellphone at least 3 feet away from you when using it, and use the speakerphone.

Try to Drastically Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend on Your Cell Phone

Rather than spending a lot of time on your mobile device, seek to decrease your usage time drastically. VoIP software phones that can be used with an internet connection and a wired connection can help.

Your Wired Ethernet Connection can Connect Your Desktop Computer to the Internet

Make sure to put your desktop in airplane mode and connect it to the internet via wired Ethernet. Avoid wireless keyboards, trackballs, mice, game systems, printers, and portable house phones. Choose the wired versions.

Turn Off Wifi When Not in Use

It’s best to eliminate wifi altogether if you have to use it. If not, at least turn it off when you’re sleeping. You can connect your computer to the internet via a wired connection if you have no Ethernet ports. Using a USB Ethernet adapter will allow you to connect your computer to the internet via a wired connection.

Turn Off the Electricity in Your Bedroom at Night

The wires in your wall often produce electrical fields at night, but turning off the electricity in your bedroom may help decrease them. If your bedroom is next to another room, you’ll have to use a meter to see if you should also turn off the electricity in that room.

Choose a Battery-Operated Clock Without Any Light, if Possible

It is advisable to use a battery-operated clock without any light. A talking clock for the visually impaired is ideal.

Replacing Your Microwave Oven

Rather than using a microwave oven, which tends to heat food less efficiently and more unsafely, switch to a steam convection oven, which will heat your food as quickly and as safely as the microwave oven.

Do Not Use Smart Devices or Thermostats that Depend on Wireless Communication

“Smart” TVs and thermostats that rely on wireless signaling should be avoided. Avoid using them because they continue to send out a wifi signal regardless of whether your computer is turned off. A large computer monitor can be used as a TV, as it does not emit wifi signals.

Resist the Installation of Smart Meters for as Long as Possible, or Shield an Existing Smart Meter

As long as possible, refuse to have a smart meter installed or, if you already have one, shield it to reduce radiation by 98 to 99%.

Avoid Using Wireless Monitors

Rather than using a wireless baby monitor, consider moving your baby’s bed into your room.

Switch to an Incandescent Bulb Instead of a CFL Bulb

Incandescent bulbs should be substituted for CFLs wherever possible. It is vitally important to remove all fluorescent lights from your residence, as well as for health reasons, for the reason that being close to them will cause you to absorb current.

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