Ways to Experience Fall in Asheville in an Eco-friendly Manner

The dazzling reds, yellows, and oranges on the trees in the Asheville forest are a result of the mountain air cooling down as the weather cools down. Because of its mild climate and the range of elevations nearby, Asheville has one of the longest and [...]

Ways to Experience Fall in Asheville in an Eco-friendly Manner2022-11-09T21:28:03+00:00

Things You Can Do Right Now and Every Day to Protect Nature

Climate change and global warming are becoming more evident as you watch the news. Water shortages, air pollution, declining wildlife habitats, wildfires, flooding, other natural disasters, and animal extinctions are all increasing. It can feel a bit hopeless at times. When you focus on positive [...]

Things You Can Do Right Now and Every Day to Protect Nature2022-10-25T20:11:34+00:00

Be a Positive Influence

Considering recent global events and everything we've been through the past few years, it's been tough for me to focus on the positives, even though focusing on the positives is a core component of my approach to life and teaching. Looking into this further, I've [...]

Be a Positive Influence2022-08-30T19:55:52+00:00

Simple Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Choosing eco-friendly decorations for your home may seem like a daunting task, but it will have a positive impact on the environment in the long run. Here are some straightforward guidelines for implementing environmentally friendly decorations in your home that will help you limit your [...]

Simple Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas2022-08-23T17:55:03+00:00

These Methods Can Avoid Cellphone Radiation

It is important to note that your cellphone manual warns about keeping the device a certain distance from your body to avoid exceeding federal radio frequency exposure limits. People typically keep their phones close to their bodies, usually in a pocket, in the real world. [...]

These Methods Can Avoid Cellphone Radiation2022-07-26T15:18:53+00:00
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