The Relevance of the Fall Equinox in Our Lives

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As the sun descends lower in the sky and the nights grow colder and darker, our senses alert us to the conclusion of summer’s vitality in the northern hemisphere. The Fall Equinox holds special significance as a time to celebrate the harvest, whether it’s the tangible fruits of one’s garden or the intangible yield of the intentions set earlier in the year for life’s journey.

Across various ancient cultures, the changing seasons were viewed as pivotal moments in the natural cycle of life, offering profound lessons for humanity. Indigenous societies recognized the wisdom rooted in the Eart and perceived the four cardinal points of the year—Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox—as illuminating stages of an inner spiritual odyssey that individuals undertake within themselves.

In 2023, the Fall Equinox will grace us on Saturday, September 23rd. The exact timing varies with location; for instance, those in the Eastern Time Zone of North America will experience it at 2:50 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time, while those in Eastern Europe will mark the moment at 9:49 AM, symbolizing the commencement of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the advent of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

The term ‘equinox’ originates from Latin, signifying ‘equal night,’ signifying the nearly equal duration of day and night on these two equinox days annually. During the equinox, we pay tribute to the equilibrium and interplay of Light and darkness, often evoking gratitude for the transformations that accompany the passage of time.

By consciously aligning our awareness with the rhythms of nature, our understanding of our own life cycles deepens. From a spiritual perspective, autumn embodies the season of harvest, inviting us to acknowledge growth and expansion as innate facets of our organic existence. Just as nature exhibits cycles of growth, harvest, decay, and renewal, so do our lives.

During the Fall Equinox, you may honor all you possess and shift your consciousness from scarcity to abundance and gratitude through a simple ritual or ceremony. Lighting a candle, offering thanks, and expressing gratitude for your being and possessions are wonderful ways to engage in this practice.

Fall is when we prepare our inner landscape to welcome what lies ahead in the coming year. During this time, we intentionally create space for our grander visions to flourish by embracing emptiness and silence within ourselves. Clearing our internal terrain in the fall allows us to enter a period of dormancy and find solace in the cold and darkness of winter. This season becomes a time of hibernation, nurturing creativity not through action but through quiet contemplation, attentively listening to the inner stirrings.

During autumn, we turn inward, releasing mental clutter and transforming old concepts into fertile ground for fresh creativity and matured aspirations. Winter, in turn, becomes a season of rest, where the chill and frost become the curative elements that prepare the soil for the forthcoming spring, symbolizing our rebirth.

For those on a spiritual journey, the significance of the Autumnal Equinox lies in the activation of a new cycle of growth. As we embrace silence and rest, we make room for our greater vision to surface. With each passing day, as daylight diminishes and nights lengthen, we descend into the darkness within ourselves, confronting our inner shadows, including the ego and the subconscious. This inner journey prepares us for the emergence of the Light within, a celebration that culminates at the winter solstice.


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