In no particular order below is a list of our supported partners of association. – epic model and where sophia goes – will be bronze sponsor with them this year! New Earth AVL Realty and Jason Martini is Proud To Be Acknowledged By Rainbow Community School As A Sponsor

Green Built Alliance – gold sponsor with them now – should have a badge to embed in signature block

Still Pointe Wellness – until y’all create float space – helped them with purchase of their school building in West AVL, amazing pre-school!

Dobra Tea – good friends with the owner Andrew – amazing vision and program – initiated with MKP back in LA in 2001 – love this program! have staffed it, and will love to support financially – found him a home in Riceville rd area – awesome brother and amazing medicine man – found the 44 acres mandala springs in barnardsville – beautiful brother, also does Wimhoff works – found them farm in barnardsville, then sold it, and found another farm in Fletcher close to restaurant – love to have him cater farm to table dinner for clients and friends – already did two of these at the cafe! – know the founder, and he wants us to find location for school – found location for his retreat center in Marshall – 60 acres with epic farmhouse and abundant water – supported them at their auction last two years buying realtor package for $800-1000, great cause! – have done cleanse with them and amazing healing clinic, Sarah is powerhouse – great friends, and clients – profound healing modalities
– sold their land in Saluda, sold home in Malvern Hills and found them epic home in Weaverville – dear friends and soul family – incredible singer, and voice coach – sistar and client – helped him buy and sell his home – amazing healer and human. – helped them buy their amazing deltec spaceship in weaverville – she is an amazing healer too – partnering with Danu to plant 3 fruit or nut trees for past clients as closing gifts – divine brother of mine – great works – another soul brother of mine – also a feng shui master who I would like to gift his services to clients
– especially for listings to sell

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