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Our Promise

Invest In Real Estate With Confidence

A real estate deal involves lot’s of small print. Even one little technical mistake can potentially haunt you for years and cost you unknowable amounts of time and money.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, investing in rental properties, or growing your business, your real estate transaction is a complex investments with many secondary financial implications.

We promise to provide you with the security you need to purchase real estate with confidence. Work with us to make sure your contract is rock solid and that there are no surprises waiting for you.

New Earth AVL Realty exists to co-create a world where we live in harmony with the Earth and each other by modeling a thriving community and inspiring positive transformation.

We provide outstanding real estate services, community connections, personal and professional support, and passionate commitment to our values and purpose.

For Buyers

Buying Real Estate

Whether you already live in Asheville or are moving to live here for the first time, we will help you find the best housing, land, and area for you to call home.

Our Commitment To You

We will first listen to understand your needs for your next home or land.
We will then provide advice to you, but always focus on getting you what you want first and foremost.

The Process of Buying

~ Review, Initial, and Sign the “Working with Real Estate Agents,“ and the “Buyer Agency Agreement.”

~ Obtain a Pre-Qualification letter from your lender.

~ Provide Jason Martini – “New Earth AVL Realty” with a copy of the pre-qualification letter.

~ After meeting with us, make sure you are receiving & viewing listings sent by the auto-portal and by your agent directly.

~ Download the KW home search app for your smart-phone – agent will text to you.

~ Drive by Homes & Land that interest you and decide if the neighborhood, noise level, accessibility etc. are acceptable.

~ Compile a list of homes or land that you would like to see & send to your agent (via text, email, or call); we will then schedule the showing(s).

~ Consider bringing a pen & paper with you to the showings (“New Earth AVL Realty” will provide you with MLS listing, Tax records, and an aerial view of the home.)

~ Consider what price makes the most sense for you based on the market value and your loan parameters.

~ Decide if you would like to have the sellers pay for a Home Warranty or closing costs.

~ Check your email frequently; your agent will send the written offer for you to sign through our Dotloop system (Press “start”, then “confirm” to send it back to us.)

~ The sellers may choose to counter your offer. At this point, we will relay this info back to you immediately. When both the buyer and seller agree to all terms and all documents are signed, we are officially under contract. Congratulations!

~ Contact your lender within 24 hours to get things rolling on their end and to lock in your interest rate.

~ Look out for an emails from “New Earth AVL Realty” ( The initial email will describe for you, in detail, the next steps. You will also receive additional emails from our Dotloop system. Please sign all documents in a timely manner.

~ The attorney/paralegal will send over an Engagement letter stating you would like to utilize their services for closing. Make sure to sign and return this to them right away.

~ Shortly after home inspections are performed, follow inspector instructions (sent to your email) to pay their invoice & view your inspection report.

~ Pay invoices for all inspections (pest, radon, etc.) in a timely manner.

~ As you read over your inspection, look out for items that you would like to ask the seller to fix, or credit repair cost. Realize that these reports are very thorough and detailed. Remember, just go for the big things.

~ Sign the Due Diligence Repair Request through our Dotloop system.

~ Once repairs are agreed upon, immediately check with your lender about the appraisal.

~ Schedule your closing with your closing attorney. (Typically lasts 30-45 minutes).

~ Once closing is scheduled, transfer all utilities into your name.

~ Attend a walk through just before closing to make sure everything looks as it should (your agent will schedule this).

~ On closing day, bring your ID and a certified check from a NC bank (or wire money directly to the attorney from your bank.)

~ You’re complete! Congratulations!

~ Please refer all of your friends and family to Jason Martini @ New Earth AVL Realty! Thank you for choosing us to support you with “Turning your Dreams into Reality!”

For Sellers

Selling Real Estate in Asheville, NC

Whenever you’re thinking of selling reach out to us so we can give you the best information so you can educate yourself on the best strategy & what will get your home sold the quickest for the most money you deserve.

Our Commitment To You

We will first listen to understand your goals and why you are selling your home. We then come up with a strategy that will get you to those goals the quickly with least amount of hassle.

The Process of Selling

Asking yourself the following questions will help immensely with deciding on how we will market and price your house for sale.

Why are you selling your home?

How quickly do you need or want to sell your house?

We take this information and give you the best advice on how to reach as many goals as we can and insure that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Your next objective should be to determine the best possible selling price for your house. You will need to take into account the state of the local market, the condition of your home and sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood.

It is often hard to maintain a non-biased view of your property, so you will want to gather the necessary information in the most objective way possible. If you want a truly objective opinion about the price of your home you could have an appraisal done. This may cost between $300 and $500.

Be reasonable about the price you set. You will always be better off setting a fair market value price than setting your price too high. If your home stays on the market too long because it is overpriced, potential buyers may think that something is wrong with it and you may end up selling it for less than what you could have gotten if you had started out with a realistic asking price.

Preparing your house to be shown to potential buyers is a very important step in getting it sold. We’ll be there to offer suggestions and tips to help you and on-going support to keep buyer’s interested and ready to put in offer’s.

We are experts in marketing your home both online and off. We have a proven track record that buy following our advice will get your home sold for the money you deserve.

Every house is different and we come up with a unique strategy tailor made to get your home sold, call us today so we can start get started!

When a potential buyer decides that they’d like to buy your house they’ll present you and offer. This a starting point for negotiation. Our job is to determine whether or not the buyer is qualified and has the means to actually complete the transaction.

Whenever we advise you in regards offers our mindset is looking for a win-win situation. Dominating the other side does not generally result in a good outcome and can even sabotage an otherwise favorable outcome. Our aim is to be and adviser and give you great information so that you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Once you agree to an offer there is an agreed upon period called a “Due Diligence Period” that the buyer will be able conduct inspections, get the house appraised and in general make sure that they are comfortable with the sale. During the Due Diligence Period the buyer may uncover issues with the property that will reopen negotiations to compensate for the fixing the issues. In some cases the problems may be turn off the buyer and they can legally end the contract at that point. Depending on the initial contract often times there will be a Due Diligence Fee that the buyer will pay directly to you the seller as consideration to take the home off the market while the buyer inspects it. This fee is kept by the seller even if the buyer ends contract during the Due Diligence Period.

In order to complete the sale of your property there is a meeting conducted typically by the buyers attorney called a “Closing”. Under most circumstances Jason will be present at the closing to explain the process and the forms and to make sure everything goes as planned.

It is necessary that you use the services of an attorney to prepare a new deed legally transferring the property from you the seller to the new buyer as well as pay the sales or escrow taxes that the state requires at the sale of real property.

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Residential Real Estate

Find Your Home In Asheville

We are a service oriented agency that connects like-minded people and communities in Asheville with their ideal homes & land to create a thriving holistic environment based on sustainable practices and resonant beliefs.

Come and see us to hold sacred space for your investment and to ensure your real estate purchase or sale is structured to benefit you.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments can get very complicated very quickly. Don’t even think of buying commercial real estate without a Real Estate Agent you trust to guide you through the process.

Our wide range of experience and professional expertise can help you avoid missteps that could handicap your organization or bring you stress.

Get practical advice on your commercial real estate interests including initial planning and development, purchase agreements, zoning and land use issues, commercial leasing arrangements, and more.

Two Property Case Study: Buying, then selling and then buying again within two years. (Despite timely birth of new born)

Leslie and her family are now enjoying their new home and are thankful for Jason, their agent, handled everything, allowing them to trust in the divine flow of buying, selling and buying again.
You never know what will arise during even a simple real estate transaction.
Call us to discuss how we can help you keep your peace of mind and meet your Real estate needs.


Discover how a real estate agent can
​help you turn your dreams into reality.

Debunking Some Real Estate Myths

Real estate agents are paid a salary.

In spite of what many think, most people don’t get the truth about how agents bring home the bacon.

There must be a monetary compensation gliding out of sight that supports agents — all things considered, how could it be that they can show up so well-groomed, professional and polished while facilitating lavish broker events, open houses or other promoting exercises, showing clients around town throughout the day and getting them lunch?

Attention potential house shoppers and sellers simply testing the market: the broker’s time and costs are 100 percent on them.
There is no base compensation or repayment for the time and cash they’ve consumed regardless of the result, whether it’s 500 or more messages or long periods of research, guidance, critical thinking, trouble-shooting, giving knowledge via telephone or making endless excursions to show property.
How might you feel if your manager chose, as a feature of its cost cutting, to not give you a check for all of your work and energy put in, particularly on a major venture that included a huge measure of time and effort on evenings, holidays and ends of the week?

Marketing costs aren’t the broker’s obligation.

Talking about things that most people thinks a brokerage pays for in the interest of an agent — remember the promoting costs! 

Consider the few thousand dollars for video production, 3-D tours, digital marketing campaigns, specialty websites, broker open house events, the local orchestra group of four playing on a celebrity lane welcoming forthcoming purchasers — also the creativity that goes into the printing of pamphlets and so forth. 

That’s right, this advertising and marketing are brought to you by — your neighborhood inviting realtor (sorry no corporate support was accessible), who didn’t request that the seller contribute one dime, even in the wake of consenting to limit commission to please the seller. 

What’s more, when the merchant doesn’t pursue the specialist’s recommendation, won’t work with an offer that was gotten on the grounds that it was “excessively low” and eventually chooses to pull the house off the market? 

No matter.

An agent’s gas, mileage, and other transportation costs are repaid.

On the off chance that brokerages had a “transportation fund” to repay agents for these things. 

The 25 outings to show purchasers homes each time another one hits the market — just for the purchaser to sit back and watch if something better tags along. 

The three days spent driving all over town with a migrating purchaser who chooses not to wind up moving to that city. 

The umpteen outings to a posting, preparing for showings, and persistently keeping an eye on the empty property; or meeting merchants temporary workers, picture takers, and so on — none of it is paid for by anybody except the agent. 

Crashing into new development neighborhoods that are overflowing with tire-puncturing nails — the gas, tolls, vehicle mileage, and upkeep — everything all that includes, and all of that, everything is on the agent.


Premier Real Estate Agent
In Asheville NC

I am an experienced real estate agent proud to have been serving the Asheville area for 4 years. We have helped lots of individuals, families, and businesses execute tons of real estate transactions without losing sleep over the details.

We are here to honor your interests whether you’re buying or selling a home, or acquiring a rental property. Rest assured that we are here to support you.

Come in for a free consultation to find out how I can provide you the best solutions for all of your real estate matters.

New Earth AVL Realty exists too manifest a world where we live in harmony with the Earth and each other by creating community and inspiring soul change.

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Meet Our Team

Respected and Experienced Real Estate Agent + Team

Jason Martini

Jason Martini ‘JahSun’, Founder of New Earth AVL, NC Licensed Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Professionals.

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“My experience with Jason was great. He found a great house for me, knowing what I wanted. He was very diligent and timely and helped smooth over a … more
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“Jason was exceptional throughout the entire process. He handled every obstacle along the way in an effective and expedient manner. I wouldn’t hesitate … more
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“I’ve worked with 9 realtors now in my real estate endeavors and he’s the first one who has ever bushwhacked through 22 acres of undeveloped steep … more
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Stefanie Beierschmitt

Client Relations and Training Coordinator

Working behind the scenes, Stefanie supports Jason in his business. She is a licensed real estate broker. She contributes a vast array of real estate knowledge from 12+ years of real estate investing & helping people buy and sell property.


A Papa’s Love

Jason’s biggest teacher, motivator, inspiration, greatest pride, joy and deepest drive to do what he does in work and in life.


Executive Assistant

Jason’s new earth avl realty executive assistant here to support Jason’s mission with our clients in turning your dreams into reality.


Part-time Executive Assistant

Helps Jason where needed to give a better customer service Experience to our clients.

Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

Terry G.

Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Fairview, NC. Jason was exceptional throughout the entire process. He handled every obstacle along the way in an effective and expedient manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize his services in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What amount do I need to pay an agent to enable me to purchase a house?

Home buyers pay next to zero charges to an agent to buy a home..

Here’s the reason:
For most home deals, there are two realtors associated with the deal: one that represents the seller and another who represents the buyer.
Brokers that list homes represent the seller and charge them a fee to market the property.
Marketing may incorporate promoting costs, for example, radio spots, print ads, TV & web ads. The property will likewise be set in local multi listing service (MLS), where different agents in the region (and nationally) will have the option to scan & locate the home available to be purchased.
Real estate agents who present to buyers (a.k.a. purchaser’s agent) are repaid by the listing agent for bringing home buyers to the table. At the point when the house is sold, the listing agent shares the listing fee with the buyers agent. Accordingly, buyers don’t pay their brokers

What sort of FICO rating do I need to have to purchase a home?

Most loan programs require a credit score of 620 or better.

Borrowers with higher FICO assessments speak to less hazard to the bank, frequently bringing about a lower initial installment and better loan interest rate.

Alternately, home buyers with lower FICO ratings may need to carry more cash to the table (or acknowledge a higher financing cost) to counterbalance the moneylender’s risk.

Would it be a good idea for me to arrange a home inspection before I buy?

Truly it would!
Home reviews are required in the event that you plan on financing your home with a FHA or VA loan. For other home loan programs, inspections are not required.

Notwithstanding, home reviews are profoundly suggested on the grounds that they can uncover defects in the home that are not effectively recognized.
​Home reviews carry true peace of mind to probably the greatest investments of a lifetime.

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