The Appalachian Ecosystem: Sharing the Mountains with Wildlife

If you live in Asheville, you can’t miss some of the most recent headlines about our local black bears. Bears have been spotted in neighborhoods as close as half a mile from downtown getting into residential trash or just passing through. The bears are also [...]

The Appalachian Ecosystem: Sharing the Mountains with Wildlife2021-07-29T15:37:40+00:00

Harvesting The Seeds We’ve Planted

August 1st marked another turn of the wheel of the year. Some communities celebrate this day as the first harvest, known as Lammas.

Harvesting The Seeds We’ve Planted2021-04-22T18:51:02+00:00

Celebrating Summer Solstice in Asheville

Summertime can Be hot and action-packed, and the seasons are times of change. It's time to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Celebrating Summer Solstice in Asheville2021-04-22T16:58:16+00:00
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