It’s important to get out and breathe fresh air every day. We should all strive to do this. Being exposed to warm sunlight, a light breeze, and fresh, crisp air is refreshing in and of itself.

Walking daily is a good start, but science says there is a specific time each day that provides the most benefit from walking.

It’s morning!

Our bodies rely on light to keep our circadian rhythms healthy and balanced. The act of getting light into our eyes and onto our skin shortly after we wake up each morning helps accomplish this. Your brain requires a burst of brightness upon waking up every morning, and getting outside for only ten minutes can provide it.

The way we spend the first hour after waking can have a significant impact on how well we sleep that night.

Our bodies slow down the production of melatonin, a hormone that assists us in falling asleep at night when we receive morning light. If we awaken slowly and remain in a dark room after awakening, our melatonin levels might be altered.


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Getting outside is important because it helps our bodies get moving and also because it allows cortisol to flow through our veins, providing the energy we need for the day.

Instead of resorting to artificial light to get up in the morning, get outside and walk for ten minutes to let the sun wake you up naturally (unless you have a medical condition that requires sunglasses).

Let us know if you discover any changes. We look forward to reading about your experience!


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