It’s time to break out that picnic spread and enjoy the summer heat. But don’t forget about how much waste juice boxes and individually wrapped treats create! This year, go for eco-friendly fun with a nature scavenger hunt, or try your hand at making your veggie burgers on homemade buns. You’ll spend less time creating waste while protecting our planet in natural ways that make you proud.

Getting Rid of Waste

Paper plates and paper napkins mean a lot of waste for any picnic. Getting rid of that waste means using cloth napkins or foods which don’t need extra plates like sandwiches, vegetable slices, crackers, and rolls. There are lots of great finger foods too!

Bringing your cup and napkins to a picnic will help you cut down on single-use plastics. That means no plastic straws or juice boxes, either!

Getting Foods Ready

When grocery shopping, buy locally grown ingredients to support the local community and small farmers. You may acquire fresh, local foods better for your health by going to a farmers market, which is usually close by. Alternatively (or in addition), ride a bike over or back from the market to avoid adding any carbon emissions while doing your shopping! Pack your food into silicone bags or glass containers instead of plastic ones also helps cut down on pollution-related waste.

Going to the picnic and trying out a delicious vegetarian or vegan option isn’t just for your health; it also benefits the environment! Consider beef as one of many environmental risks. Going meatless will reduce methane production, energy consumption, and more.

If you accumulate any food waste at the end of a picnic, pick it up and put it into your compost pile or recycle what can be recycled. Anything else that cannot be recycled should either go in the trash or be washed off and reused!

Doing barbecue

Preparing a picnic meal can be hard on the environment. Grilling meat releases carbon emissions into the air, but it is better for you than cooking in a kitchen if done correctly. 

Whether you use a traditional charcoal grill or a solar cooker, remember to be careful when disposing of the ashes. It would be best to keep any aluminum foil and disposable containers with you for the trash removal on your way out.

Games to play

When planning a picnic, keep environmentally friendly games in mind. It is pointless to prepare an environmentally friendly meal and then play waste-generating picnic games. Choose activities that produce little waste and have no negative impact on the environment.

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Keeping Bugs at Bay

Bug sprays aren’t the ideal choice for an environmentally friendly picnic. Use natural bug repellents like crushed lavender blossoms or citronella to keep mosquitoes at bay. A variety of insects, including mosquitoes, are deterred by lavender oil. Garlic and lemon can also be combined to keep insects and even some animals away from your picnic spot, though the odor that drives them away can be unpleasant for people as well.

Putting on Sunscreen

For additional protection, packing a big straw hat and reapplying your sunscreen is helpful. Be sure to have reef-safe sunscreens on hand for any outdoor excursions.


Going to a Picnic Area

Reduce emissions by biking or walking to your picnic location. If it isn’t possible, carpool or take public transportation to the picnic location to reduce the number of cars on the road. All of these small modifications build up to be a significant environmental benefit.

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