Like many of us, my goals for 2020 had to change quickly.  I believe the future is bright – and while there may be some challenges ahead on this journey;  I also understand that setting and stating my intentions allows for me to create my own reality.  As we look towards abundance and freedom in 2021, I would like to revisit the idea of goal setting and how we can set our minds to creating the best outcomes in our lives and the lives of those around us.


Big Picture Goals

Before you can take on your goals, it’s important to consider what those goals are. Do you see yourself buying a home in 2021?  Are you inspired to start a business?  Are you committed to optimal health and vitality?  It really helps to consider and envision the big picture.

What is the end goal you are choosing to achieve?


One Day at a Time

Next, it’s recommended to break your goals down into manageable tasks. As an example, say you want to buy a home in 2021. Consider these steps:

  •       Talk to a mortgage lender first so you understand your budget
  •       Talk to a real estate agent about your goals
  •       Consider your must-have list
  •       Consider the deal breakers
  •       Consider the location

Once you know your task list, you can hit the ground running. Of course, it’s okay for goals and tasks to change form along the way. Sometimes you have a goal in mind, and the tasks lead you in another direction. Re-evaluate from time-to-time to make sure you’re still inspired by the same goal.  

State Your Intentions

Did you know there is power in stating our intentions? When you speak them out loud you become accountable to yourself. To commit to your goal, consider a ritual to send your goal into the cosmos and build the energy of your alignment.

Try this simple meditation:

  •       If you have a sacred space in your home, sit comfortably before it
  •       Relax your mind and body by grounding yourself to connect with the earth
  •       Open your heart to the realm of spirit and sit with the feeling of the energy flowing through you for a few moments
  •       Open your eyes and write your goal down on a small piece of paper
  •       Say it out loud three times
  •       Fold the paper and save it on your personal altar, shrine, or another safe place
  •       Revisit your idea monthly, perhaps at the full moon, and restate your goal at that time


Create Your Reality

I am deeply moved by the idea that we create our own reality. We set our minds to a task and accomplish it. You can start to create your own reality by setting your intentions, stating your goals, and taking steps to have them turn into reality.

If buying a home, or selling your house in 2021 is your goal, call me today.

Many blessings,
Jason Martini

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