The arrival of Spring marks the celebration of the Spring Equinox, a joyous occasion that symbolizes renewal and growth. As the Earth awakens, there is a sense of joy and vitality in the air.

The Spring Equinox represents a time of awakening and rebirth.

As we transition from the dark months, we move towards the warmth and light of the Spring Equinox. The sun’s growth will continue until the Summer Solstice, after which it will gradually begin its inward turn.

As the Spring Equinox arrives, your spirit awakens with new ideas and dreams for your life. The fresh and warm energy of this season has the power to invigorate and inspire you, leaving you feeling alive and rejuvenated.

Allow the inspiring energy of the Spring Equinox to encourage your rebirth and embrace this new beginning. As the days grow longer and the sun becomes warmer, the spring energy will fuel your growth, helping you to flourish and thrive.

The transition from winter to Spring can be a little challenging as the energy shifts from inward-focus to outward-focus, leaving you feeling a bit off-kilter at times.

Late winter can be a disruptive time as you implement changes required for growth and flourishing, which can upset your sense of equilibrium. However, with the arrival of the Spring Equinox, the Earth returns to a state of perfect balance, with equal parts day and night, light and dark. This much-needed balance can also be reflected in your own life, bringing a sense of harmony and stability.

In general, Spring is a time of joy and renewal as everything around us comes to life. Nature awakens and is reborn, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy in the world.

Similar to nature, the Spring Equinox ignites a sense of hope and excitement within you as your spirit comes alive with renewed energy. Parts of you that have remained dormant are now being reborn and awakened in ways that you may have never experienced before.

Spring signifies the beginning of a new day in the wheel of the year, with a new sun rising and life awakening in the warm sunlight. This season fills your spirit with a sense of readiness to make a fresh start as everything around you is reborn and renewed.

During this time of year, your spirit is illuminated and invigorated with new ideas, and it is my hope that you are feeling inspired and excited to try new things.

As we move into the Spring season, it’s time to decide which of your winter dreams you want to focus on and channel the powerful growth energy of this season towards.

As you prepare to cultivate and harvest the fruits of this season, which seeds will you choose to plant and tend to in the ground?

At the start of this season, you may feel a call to explore many new ideas as they buzz with new life around you. This month is an opportunity to try out new things and explore your interests. What excites you right now? What are you drawn towards? These are the questions to consider as you embrace the energy of the season.

When it comes to your daydreams and new ideas, approach them with a lighthearted and playful spirit, much like that of a child. If something calls to you, give it a try without hesitation. Embrace the joy of exploration and have fun along the way.

Spring is a season of illumination and clarity, providing an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of what you want to cultivate and harvest in your life. To gain this clarity, it’s important to explore and try out what’s calling to you, so you can make informed decisions about what to focus on and nourish.

Spring and summer are seasons of powerful growth energy, but without clarity on where to direct that energy, it can become chaotic and overwhelming. Your energy may become scattered, leaving you feeling pulled in different directions and ultimately burnt out.

When you have a clear understanding of where you want to see new growth in your life, you hold the power to transform it.

To gain the clarity necessary to transform your life, embrace the playful and curious spirit of early Spring by trying out new ideas. Take a closer look at the seeds you want to plant and determine what you want to harvest in the months ahead.


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