Happy Independence Day
July opens with a bang as we celebrate Independence day. Throughout the month we always keep in mind the ideas of personal freedom and independence. Living in Asheville, we are blessed with the ability to experience the culture, natural beauty, and the architecture of one of the oldest and most beautiful places on earth. We can’t forget that we are stewards of this land or what freedom and independence mean to each of us.


In 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the 13 colonies were free and independent from British Rule. This declaration, of course, led to the revolutionary war that eventually bought our country its fledgling independence. We celebrate this on July 4th with picnics, parades, and fireworks every year.
Have you considered what independence means to you on a personal level? What does your own vision of independence look like? How have you broken free from challenges and obstacles in your life? The entire month of July is the perfect time to reflect on what this means to you and your loved ones. What can you do you be more independent and show your personal power to the world?


For a long time, the word sovereignty was primarily used to define nations or governments and referred to supreme power or authority. It’s also commonly used in spiritual contexts around the world. Today, many people are reclaiming the word and the concept to apply to their own personal autonomy.
To embrace our personal sovereignty, we need to understand that we are the architect of our own lives. No matter our individual spiritual beliefs, we know that our free will gives us the ability to move our own pieces into place. We are responsible for every action we take and the words we say.
More than anything, I want to suggest that the most powerful form of personal sovereignty is the choice of love over fear. Live in love this summer and all year long.


In our own personal freedom, we shall also take time to recognize the gifts of Mother Earth. We know that our planet is in crisis, and it’s up to us to be great stewards of the land. Focus your energy on doing what you can for the planet at large, but also take time to be grateful for the land under your feet.
When you buy a home in Asheville, or anywhere in the country, you become the steward of that property. You’re responsible for ensuring its protection and to keep it healthy both physically and spiritually. From planting fruit and nut trees to collecting rain water or avoiding harsh chemicals on your yard or in your home, every small action you make impacts the world around you.
Do you want to learn more about finding your own independence in Asheville and Beyond?