We Celebrated the Sun and Fathers in June

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June was a celebratory month. With both Father’s Day and the summer solstice, this year happening on the same day, I have always found this time of year to be joyful. It’s a chance to celebrate my relationship with my daughter and the sun that warms us.

Each turn of the season cycle reminds me that life always perseveres, no matter what challenges and difficulties we have at any given time. This summer, especially as so many have struggled over the last year, I want to recognize that.

Celebrating Fathers

In many ancient mythologies, the sun is a father god. For the ancient Egyptians, that god was Ra. The Celts worshiped the sun as Lugh in Ireland and Lleu Llaw Gyffes in Wales. While the earth and the moon have feminine energies, the fiery sun has been seen as masculine.

The observance of Father’s Day in June isn’t because of the sun, but it’s hard not to draw that connection when that energy is all around us. While we are past Father’s Day, I hope we take time every day to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives. I will say that becoming a father was the most profound initiation of my life, and I Am so grateful to be Sophia’s dad. The level of unconditional love that I have felt through this process is beyond words.

Honoring the Solstice

The Summer solstice, this year on June 20th, was the longest day of the year. The solstice moves because the actual celestial happens at a specific time of the day, which changes each year. Ancient cultures often marked this phenomenon using stone circles or monuments like Stonehenge in England or Newgrange in Ireland.

Even though we’re past the solstice itself, it’s not too late to welcome the summer sun. You can honor the season by:

  • ·  Meditating on solar energy
  • ·  Spending a day exploring the outdoors
  • ·  Host a bonfire for friends and familyLike the other solstices and equinoxes, this turning of the season is an excellent time to reconsider your intentions and evaluate your goals for the future.

    Finding Home

    It’s been a long time since humans lived primarily as nomads. And while we may sometimes wander, and I know I have, we also have the desire to put down roots. I’ve recently moved onto a farm, and traded the sound of cars for creeks! I am really excited about the new chapter in my life, with my 4 Ss: sweetie Stef, daughter Sophia, dog Sparky and horse Solstice!.

    If you’re looking for a home, know that I have been where you are. I understand the challenges facing the real estate market today as an agent and as a person who is choosing to leave a positive imprint on the land and in our area. Finding a home is not without difficulties, but it’s also so rewarding to know that you can make a difference for the environment and the commUnity.

    I will love to connect with you to support you in manifesting your dreams. Where do you see yourself living? What does that look like in twelve months when the wheel of the year returns to the summer solstice? I can be there to support you in your journey. Call me today.

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    Many blessings,
    Jason Martini

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