Thanksgiving 2020: Planting and Gratitude for the Coming Year

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One of the greatest blessings I have in my life is the gift of gratitude. I love seeing people light up when they receive the keys to their new home.

I also know that gratitude is contagious and as I thank others around me and the earth every day, I see the message spread.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Danu Macon and Whole Tree Regenerative System Design to plant native fruit and nut trees for my clients.

Recently, over four days, we were able to plant 63 trees and bushes at the new homes of our past clients.

 We were even able to share the planting experience of 7 fruit trees with my daughters’ home school collective!  To see the joy on their faces shows me the beauty of our world and how kindness makes a difference.

The Culture of Gratitude

If there has ever been a time in our recent history where we would benefit from being thankful, now is that time. We understand it can be difficult with all the challenges we face today, but practicing gratitude can help us gain a new perspective.
It allows us to accept the things we cannot change and provides the energy and power to work toward the ways we can make a difference. Gratitude connects us to the people around us.
Simply saying “Thank You” is the best prayer or mindfulness practice you can have. 

Growing for the Future

Consider gratitude like a tree. You carefully place it in the soil so the roots can take hold and create stability. They grow a sturdy trunk that can bear the heavy burden of branches reaching for the sky.
Those branches grow flowers and leaves which can be enjoyed and admired. The flowers become fruit to share.
Seeds from the fruit can be planted to develop a seedling, and roots for a new tree to thrive and new fruit to grow in an infinite cycle.
To fully appreciate gratitude, it must be shared and re-shared.

Gifts of the Earth

The earth exists in a constant cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Without that cycle, she wouldn’t provide the harvest that sustains us.
Our American Thanksgiving celebration has roots in ancient harvest festivals where cultures celebrated the fruits and grains provided by the earth as they entered the long months without a growing season. Even as humans learned to cultivate crops, the earth would only provide sustenance if she was nurtured. For us, giving the gift of a harvest in the form of native fruit and nut trees to our clients is the ultimate form of gratitude.


As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, consider not only the gifts of the harvest but also the gifts of your gratitude. Make it a practice to tell others how you appreciate them and how their lives and actions have positively influenced you, especially in this difficult year.

The more we share our gifts, the better we will be at creating a new world.

Thank you all for being in my life, and trusting me to support your life transitions and journey in whatever way I can be of service!

Blessed BE. 

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Many blessings,

 Jason Martini


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