Fairview, NC

Farview, southeast of Asheville, was a rural community that has developed recently to include modern amenities, subdivisions, and restaurants. Convenient access to Asheville is a short 15 minute drive away on the 4-lane Route 74A, which bisects Fairview. Along this rural route you’ll see signs of growth everywhere you look. New businesses and commercial properties are popping up every few months. New housing communities offer reasonably priced new construction, and there are established well known luxury developments like South Cliff as well.

Drive through a cute residential area and you’ll be surprised to find Shoji Spa, which has private rent-by-the-hour hot tubs overlooking the mountains and sunset, and which also provides massages, saunas, and cabins for lodging.

The Local Joint is an incredible restaurant nestled in…a gas station. Yes I said gas station. Don’t be fooled through, their brussel fries, omelets, and sweet potato fries will make you a believer!  Sky Mountain Pizza and Whistle Hop Brewing are also local dining favs.  Trout Lily Market is a natural food store which stocks local farm favorites such as Looking Glass Creamery and Imladris Farm. Once you’ve eaten, head over to Hickory Nut Gap Farm, one of the best known farms in our area, supplying sustainably raised beef, pork, and poultry to many of our area restaurants, and which has tons of ongoing activities/tours and special events all year around, such as horseback riding, pumpkin picking, and stargazing.

Love to hit the curves on your motorcycle or in your hot rod?  You will be enthralled by this windy stretch with switchbacks and beautiful scenery.  Continue on 74-A over the mountain towards Chimney Rock State Park where you can climb (or take the elevator!) up to an impressive lookout point.  Nearby Laughing Waters is a retreat center with a huge lodge right next to a beautiful bold creek and hiking trails at Hickory Nut Forest, where you can also rock climb.

With a lovely community of friendly families, the quiet farm-filled town is situated in a stunning Cane Creek valley and offers residents quiet neighborhoods, access to equestrian activities, and historic farmhouses situated among beautiful farmlands. The town is a great place to raise a family or start a business.

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