Candler, NC

15 minutes west of Asheville is Candler, which steeped in farm and agricultural history, is now becoming developed with modern amenities such a Home Depot, hotels, and gas stations.

In addition to Candler’s rich history in farming, there are also some great local restaurants! Sweet Southern Funk, located off Pisgah Hwy 151, is our favorite food truck with a rotating menu of both meat and veg options, and their vegan apple crisp is amazing!  At the Rejavanation Cafe, you can order sandwiches, salads, drinks, and high quality fare at their drive through, or go inside to the dining room, which is perfect for meeting friends or getting work done. The Miami Restaurant has no website and is easy to miss, being that it’s located in an old defunk hotel off the side of Smokey Park Hwy. Locals know it is a hidden gem, with breakfast and lunch diner style favorites like hotcakes, omelets, grits, and burgers.

Got a mini farm or thriving agricultural business?  Candler Feed and Seed and AgCare have been around for years and the folks there will take care of all your farming and animal needs, with a big smile on their face!

The Blue Ridge Parkway connects to Candler via beautiful scenic Pisgah Hwy, where the end of the road is full of switchback curves and leading up to Pisgah Inn, where you can bring a picnic, or dine in, while watching the sunset over the layered mountains.

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