These Methods Can Avoid Cellphone Radiation

It is important to note that your cellphone manual warns about keeping the device a certain distance from your body to avoid exceeding federal radio frequency exposure limits. People typically keep their phones close to their bodies, usually in a pocket, in the real world. [...]

These Methods Can Avoid Cellphone Radiation2022-07-26T15:18:53+00:00

The Ideal Time of Day to Walk

It's important to get out and breathe fresh air every day. We should all strive to do this. Being exposed to warm sunlight, a light breeze, and fresh, crisp air is refreshing in and of itself. Walking daily is a good start, but science says [...]

The Ideal Time of Day to Walk2022-06-28T17:56:54+00:00

Environmental Friendly Summer Picnic Guide

It's time to break out that picnic spread and enjoy the summer heat. But don't forget about how much waste juice boxes and individually wrapped treats create! This year, go for eco-friendly fun with a nature scavenger hunt, or try your hand at making your [...]

Environmental Friendly Summer Picnic Guide2022-06-10T14:44:03+00:00
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