Sustainable Real Estate

We believe a conscious approach to development and management of our homes and land will ensure all life will thrive on earth for the next seven generations.



The Seventh Generation Commitment

Sustainable Real Estate Practices

Practicing sustainability in real estate used to be an unheard of thing, but not today. Today is it realized that being aware of the carbon footprint that you leave behind, and protecting the environment and exploring alternative energy sources when looking into buying property is something of great importance.

In a survey done with the NRA (National Association of REALTORS®) it was found that “promoting energy efficiency features in their listing was very or somewhat valuable at 71 percent. The availability and demand for green features in the home, on the other hand, was still a relatively small market. Seventy percent of agents and brokers were not involved in a transaction with a property that had green features in the last 12 months. Sixty percent of agents said that buyers were interested in sustainability issues.”

How We Integrate Sustainability

This means that more and more buyers are looking into purchasing sustainable properties and here at New Earth AVL Realty we are dedicated to helping you with just that. We believe that sustainability is not just a mindset, but a lifestyle, and that lifestyle starts with where you both live and work. So, whether you are buying a residential or commercial property we can help you in finding one that supports a more environmentally safe mindset/

Sustainable Real Estate Services