Mandala Chocolate combines ancient alchemy with modern science creating the most balanced, nutritious, and complete food possible, and we are proud to call Asheville home.

The Mandala Chocolate Story

A Harmonious Home at Mandala Springs
Rob Lenfestey, the owner of Mandala Naturals, was looking for the perfect place to make his organic chocolate and welcome his community home. He reached out to Jason Martini to help find the right piece of property that connected with Rob's vision of living a happy, holistic, and healthy lifestyle.

Mandala Naturals combines healthy whole foods into delicious chocolate. Their unique formulas are specifically designed to utilize the special properties of raw cacao to create the most balanced, nutritious, and complete food possible. With an incredible array of unique ingredients in their formulas, including chaga and rishi mushrooms sustainably wildcrafted in the Appalachians, finding the right property for Mandala Naturals was absolutely critical to the company's success.

Mandala Naturals is a Certified B Corporation and is committed to environmental sustainability. They only use Certified Organic, non-GMO ingredients in every formula and implement packaging, shipping, and business practices that support sustainable resources and invest in holistic, long-term infrastructure. Rob, the owner, was adamant about finding the right place to call home that not only was good for business, but aligned with his business principles.

Beyond chocolate, Rob needed a place where he could bring his community together in a naturally beautiful and welcoming piece of land. With yurts, tents, tiny homes, and more planned for the property, Rob had a vision to create a community retreat center focused on education of permaculture, sustainability, and holistic lifestyle. Rob needed property that suited his vision of going back to the land and living in a more harmonious existence with the natural environment.

Jason Martini is probably one of the best realtors out there in terms of understanding the needs and desires of people who hold the vision of living in a more harmonious and productive relationship with the natural environment.

- Rob Lenfestey -

Sharing a Like-Minded Vision for the Future

While Rob knew exactly what he wanted, finding the right property in the Asheville area that aligned perfectly with his vision and needs was no small feat. Rob immediately reached out to his friend Jason Martini as they had a shared vision of pairing the right people with the right pieces of property. Rob also knew Jason shared in his vision and goals of facilitating land stewardship, community, and a return to the values that create a happy, holistic lifestyle.

Jason helped Rob secure the property at a good price and negotiate the difficult buying process for unique properties like this. It's hard work bringing a vision to life but Jason excels at going the extra mile to ensure alignment and execution of peoples visions and their properties.


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