There is a quiet revolution spreading around the world that is rippling out from the hearts of millions to create a sea of change. It’s the LovEvolution and it calls Asheville home.

The LovEvolution Story

Finding a Home at Sacred Mountain Waters
Patrick Hennessey, the founder of LovEvolution, had to search for years to find a home for himself and his community. Jason Martini, his real estate agent, not only helped him search throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains for the perfect place to call home, but remained a steadfast companion and encouragement throughout the process.

The LovEvolution is a global movement committed to awakening the creative dreamer and lover within all of us. It is a quiet revolution rippling from the hearts of millions to create change in the world through love, cooperation, and acceptance. 2018 will be the 5th Annual LovEvolution Gathering and for the first time ever, will have a place of its own to call home - Sacred Mountain Waters.

What was once a hidden gem in the mountains near Marshall NC is being transformed into a center for healing, living, and growing. With a deep respect for the earth and natural surroundings and an eye to create a community space for thousands of years to come, Sacred Mountain Waters has a number of people contributing to its success. From adding fields for food plants and building a mountain stream-fed pond with all-natural materials to an infrared sauna and hydrotherapy equipment, what was once a quiet farm will soon be a sustainable, earth-honoring community center for people from all around the world.

Sacred Mountain Waters is living proof that life overflows with abundance when we feed each others' hearts with love and kindness. No amount of money can buy the transformation that occurs in us and our property when people give a little more than they take. This property is being revolutionized through love and the direct product of a non-violent revolution focused on creating a just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

The Search for Perfect Real Estate

Sacred Mountain Waters is the result of a lifelong pursuit and it did not come easily. After years of traveling and searching, Patrick Hennessey is thrilled to have found a place for him and his community in this area, and Patrick himself would tell you that it would not have been possible without the tireless help of Jason Martini.

Finding land with the right features and landscape for the LovEvolution Solution was no easy challenge. After viewing many potential properties in the area and not finding a suitable one, there were times that even Patrick himself had moments of doubt, but Jason insisted he carry on. A vision as big and as bold as LovEvolution is a difficult challenge which is why the community aspect is very important. Jason is a firm believer in the LovEvolution and helped Patrick carry the torch by listening to his needs, learning how to best accommodate them, and doggedly pursuing the perfect property until it had been found.

As Patrick testifies in his video, the LovEvolution as it is today - home at Sacred Mountain Waters - would not be possible without the help of Jason Martini as his real estate agent. Jason exemplified dedication and support throughout the entire process not because he wanted to make a sale, but because he believed in Patrick's vision and pursued it until completion.