Permaculture Real Estate

We help property owners work with nature elements through careful observation and knowledge to create a permanent agricultural and self-sufficient way of life.


Care for the Earth & People

Permaculture & Real Estate Practices

According to Tullock, the term, “Permaculture” a hybrid of "permanent" and "agriculture," "has evolved into a philosophy of sustainable living encompassing rural, suburban and urban lifestyles".

We here at New Earth AVL Realty believe that a healthier lifestyle starts with buying the right home and we are here to help you find not only your dream home, but also one that supports a better, and healthier, lifestyle. We work with individuals, families, and communities that are focused on a harmonious and sustainable existence which honor the Earth and each other. We realize that this is something that takes time, and needs to be carefully looked into, fostered, and that is what we are here for.

Permaculture Real Estate Services